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Since I gained a little bit of fat and slowed down my exercise routine, I lost most of the ab definition I once had. My friend told me about another tool she had used before her vacation to give her more ab definition called EmSculpt while we were discussing CoolSculpting (cryolipolysis), which is a whole different topic. It was only natural that I would give it a try. Heres what happened!


My background

Over the years, I have been fairly active, at times to the point where I was almost obnoxious about doing it. When I worked as a personal trainer, I spent the day training clients and then training myself in between sessions. Overall, I was training almost every day, running 20 to 25 miles a week, and lifting weights three hours a day. To top it all off, I was weighing everything I ate to stay within my macronutrient range. Eventually, I started feeling extremely fatigued, dizzy, and weak, likely due to malnutrition and excessive energy expenditure. In the end, I realized that the lifestyle I was trying to maintain was not sustainable when I was constantly on the verge of passing out. Is that why I pushed myself so hard? Although I did not realize this then, looking back now, I think that this was partly because I felt as if everything I did outside of fitness and work was out of control. The gym gave me structure that I didn't have anywhere else, plus I felt in incredible shape. I had a six-pack and my body was almost totally fat-free, which, in retrospect, wasn't very healthy.

Today, I still work out almost every day, but not to the extent that I used to. Now, my routine is more flexible and sustainable. Instead of adding runs on top of that, I go to the gym five to six days a week for 1-2 hours. Two of those days are devoted to cardio. As far as my diet goes, I eat only when I feel hungry, and I don't count macros or calories anymore. I feel great, but I have to accept that I no longer have a six-pack, but I was curious about how my body would look if I did more ab exercises now that I have a little more fat on it. As far as I was concerned about my abs again, I had heard my friend mention a tool she had used before she went on vacation to give her more definition. Designed by EmSculpt, it promises to contract your muscles without requiring you to work out, giving you the same result as working out. Because of my friend's success, I thought it would be a fun idea to give it a try instead of spending 45 minutes a day doing planks and burpees. 


The process


When I went to Skinly Aesthetics cosmetic dermatology for my first EmSculpt appointment, I wore comfortable clothes, not really knowing what to expect in terms of the process. I was strapped up with an EmSculpt applicator that was placed on my abdominal muscles as I lay down. It's essentially an imitation of a workout, so it might take a few sessions before I see results. Consistency is the key to getting results from your workouts when you want to see results.


This technology sends pulses to your muscles, contracting them on your behalf, and leaving you with the results of a workout. After turning on the machine, it felt like little electric shocks going through my abs. Even though the pulses got stronger, they weren't painful. 


In fact, I was a little sore the following day, which confirmed that this was working. They recommended four to six sessions, so I decided on six and had them all in two weeks.

Based on the results

As a test, I didn't change my usual workout routine or diet to ensure my results were accurate. During the first week, I did not see any effect, but after the fourth session, I noticed a little more definition than I had had before. After my last session I noticed a noticeable difference, although I didn't have a six-pack, but in order to get that, I would have to lose fat, meaning I would have to go back to restricting, which is a no-go for me. 

The only way to get rid of belly fat would be to get a CoolSculpting treatment, which uses cryolipolysis technology to freeze fat cells at a low temperature and eliminate them safely. Furthermore, Coolsculpting is a completely noninvasive procedure, so there is zero downtime, so I can immediately resume normal activities. My job does not permit me to take any time off, so that will be a huge benefit for me. 


Final thoughts

My CoolSculpting  results at MiracleFace MedsSpa overall were better than I expected, but consistency would be needed to maintain them. I have been incorporating more ab exercises into my routine since I stopped the treatment to maintain a little more definition. This treatment might benefit people who are already in decent shape and want to add some more definition, but but I doubt that someone who is overweight or carries a lot of belly fat will see results, as if you carry a lot of fat around them, they will not be visible.

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