This summer, we would all like to get back to the beach and enjoy this summer after a hard-fought 2020. While it is exciting to finally be able to go out and socialize, we are all too familiar with the weight gained by quarantine. While body positivity and body types are all equal, body sculpting treatments like Brazilian butt lift and CoolSculpting are becoming increasingly popular. What is so appealing about these treatments? Is CoolSculpting expensive, and are there any other body-sculpting treatments? 


The following is what we learned from Dr. Schwarzburg's expert opinion on the topic and the owner of Skinly Aesthetics.


Treatments for body sculpting have been around for a long time, starting with breast implants and liposuction. It was not until a few years after that people started getting butt implants and finally injectable butt fillers. Despite the fact that implants and fillers add volume to certain areas of the body, there are also a number of treatments that decrease volume (in other words, eliminate fat) in certain areas, such as liposuction and CoolSculpting. 


Liposuction and CoolSculpting differ mainly in the fact that CoolSculpting is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. The procedure of liposuction requires surgery and downtime, whereas CoolSculpting is non-invasive and does not require any downtime. The only side effects you may experience are minimal bruising, swelling, tenderness, and numbness. CoolSculpting is not the only minimally invasive option for eliminating fat in small areas—Kybella is another. Injectable Kybella breaks down fat cells and permanently eradicates them.


Furthermore, there are different types of butt enhancements, both surgical and non-surgical. It is not uncommon to hear about butt implants that are implanted beneath the muscle to give a larger backside. BBL (Brazilian butt lift) is a procedure in which fat is harvested from a different part of your body (usually the abdominal area, back, arms, or legs), and is then injected into your butt to add volume and projection. While this procedure is slightly less invasive than a butt implant, liposuction remains necessary in order to remove fat from your body. The Sculptra butt lift offers an effective alternative to butt lifts that require surgery. The Sculptra injectable produces volume in the treatment area by stimulating your own collagen production, which causes the area to grow over the next two to three months.


What are the risks and reasons for receiving these treatments?

Treatments for body sculpting are popular for many reasons. There are people who want to remove some fat from their bodies simply to get in shape, others who while others have health reasons, and others cannot get rid of excess fat naturally and have to undergo procedures such as liposuction and CoolSculpting. As for other body contouring procedures, such as butt implants and injections, reasons can range from augmenting volume and projection to filling in hip dips.

All procedures carry risks and side effects according to experts at MiracleFace MedSpa. There is a possibility of complications and side effects associated with more invasive and surgical treatments, including liposuction, implants, Brazilian buttlifts, and fat grafting like infection, bruising, swelling, granulocytic formation, and blood clots. A minimally invasive and non-invasive procedure such as Sculptra and CoolSculpting has lower risks and side effects. In the case of CoolSculpting, there is only mild risk of bruising, swelling, and tingling around the treatment area. The results you achieve from any of these treatments will depend on your body and what you want to accomplish. You should speak with an expert about the best option for you, as not everyone is a great candidate for all of these procedures.


Final thoughts:

The fact that we have so many options to achieve our body goals, whether they are to lose weight or to add volume to certain areas, is amazing. While the bootie trend is blowing up on social media and in pop culture, there is a huge push for body positivity and self-love. Often, influencers and celebrities post flawless photos of themselves highlighting their (what seems to be) perfect bodies, then the next day posting an unaltered photo of themselves to promote body positivity and to remind their followers that not everything online is real. Perhaps embracing getting work done (if that is what you want) is part of body positivity because we control how we want to look and how we feel. In the coming years, the market for cosmetic procedures will continue to grow, according to statistics. In order to achieve your goal of having any cosmetic treatment, it is important to find an experienced professional who can help you reach it.

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